Just Another Tower Defense

This is a semi-complete tower defense game I made a while ago. I am thinking of re-opening this project with a thematic and graphical rehaul. Please let me know if you’re interested to collaborate.

Here are some screenshots. The game is available for download on Google Play here.

Game Screenshot 1

Game Screenshot 2

So far, the tower design is as follows.

Type Piercing Havoc Aerial Wild
Attack Arrows Bombs Missiles Bees
0 Pierces single target Small AOE Normal rate of fire Single Bees
1 Pierces single target Moderate AOE Moderate rate of fire 2 bees
2 Pierces 2 targets Large AOE Fast rate of fire 3 bees
3 Pierces 2 targets Very large AOE Very fast rate of fire 4 bees
4 Pierces 3 targets Huge AOE Rapid rate of fire 5 bees

Type Rotten Cursed Lightning Lava
Attack Slime Skulls Lightning Fireball
0 Small AOE slow Weakly upgraded with each kill Bounces once Burns weakly
1 Moderate AOE slow Moderately upgraded with each kill Bounces thrice Burns moderately
2 Large AOE slow Strongly upgraded with each kill Bounces 5 times Burns strongly
3 Very large AOE slow Very strongly upgraded with each kill Bounces 7 times Burns very strongly
4 Huge AOE slow Immensely upgraded with each kill Bounces 9 times Burns extra strongly

Type Piercing Havoc Aerial Wild
Ability Power Shot Cluster bomb Interceptor Swarm
Description (web)     Player controls helicopter which follows mouse Player controls bees which follows mouse
Description (mobile) Player aims and shoots a powerful arrow which pierces all targets Player aims and lobs a bomb at a target location, which explodes and and create smaller bombs upon impact Player controls helicopter by tilting the screen which shoots at air targets Player controls swarm of bees which can be moved and will attack anything nearby

Type Rotten Cursed Lightning Lava
Ability Bog Soul Release Storm Inferno
Description (web)       Player controls a huge fireball which follows the mouse
Description (mobile) Player shoots and creates bog at a selected area which slows and deals damage Releases souls stored to deal massive damage around tower Player calls down lightning on selected areas by touching screen which deals huge AOE damage Player controls a huge fireball by tilting the screen

3D Reconstruction from 2D Images

As part of our orbital project, my friend Lee Kai Yi and I created a web service which will reconstruct 3D models from a collection of 2D images, also known as photogrammetry.

Simply upload multiple photos of an object from different angles, and a 3D model of that object will be reconstructed.

The more photos you upload, the better the quality of reconstruction. Quality also depends on setting, such as lighting, angle, etc. It is recommended that photos be taken with large overlaps so the resulting model will be more accurate.

Based on Bundler, an open source photogrammetry project.


Components Components Components

Schedule it for me!

Scheduleit helps you to schedule your events effortlessly. Using an intuitive click and drag interface, users can set up a schedule in under ten seconds and share the generated link with their friends.

You can find it here.



not so Instant Messenger

not so Instant Messenger is a simple standalone instant messenging program designed to allow users to chat over a network. Users can create a password-protected session within a shared folder, then join and leave the session at will. This was made during national service (NS) so we could chat on a local network with restrictions.

You can find it here.


Animate me!

AnimateMe! is an animated illusion creator designed to help users create animated optical illusions similar to those shown in the youtube video by Brusspup below. You can convert any series of images, animated gif or video into one such animation and print it out or save it as you prefer.

You can find it here.


Pudge Practice Map

Pudge practice map is a custom map made for Warcraft III with the intended purpose of helping DotA players better their performance with the hero Pudge in games. This was made a really long time ago when I played DotA obsessively and wanted to improve my skills.

You can find it here.